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There are multiple dimensions to wellness and each dimension carries incredible value and importance. Wellness is a complex interaction that leads to quality of life. Wellness matters because everything we do and feel relates to our wellbeing.

At Life Assembled, we believe it's important to keep all five dimensions of wellness in balance. Too often, Devin Almonte sees well-intentioned individuals hyper-focusing on one area of wellness while neglecting other areas that are critical to one's overall wellness. How often do you see the person at the gym work their way to a healthier body, only to return home to feast on unhealthy foods? Or the person that's bound to their job, unable to sit down for a meal with their family, but adheres to the highest nutritional standards known to mankind? Real, authentic wellness must be in balance.

​We have found that these 5Core Dimensions of Wellness (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social) are critical to our ongoing change, growth, and quality of life.


Wellness products and services are extremely helpful aides that are incredibly useful and sometimes necessary for one's overall wellbeing: we're talking about products that have meaning, purpose and serve as a tool to success in someone's wellness lifestyle. Whether it's a skincare product that helps build someone's confidence, a piece of inscribed jewelry that brings someone wellness through emotional wellbeing or a weighted blanket that helps a child with sensory-related struggles; all are purposeful and on mission for better. That's why Life Assembled is committed to helping others live a lifestyle of real wellness while discovering and promoting 5Core wellness products and services that support that mission.  

Types of Products + Services We Represent

fitness equipment

fitness accessories

vitamins + supplements

weight management



fitness apparel

sensory-based clothing

affirmation apparel


skin care


hair care

oral care

eye care

stress relievers

pain management

therapeutic services

alternative therapies


faith-based gifts

wall decor

candles + holders


pillows + blankets

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