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Product Submission

I love introducing my audience to unique, meaningful, and purposeful products + services in the wellness space that fall within my 5Core Dimensions of Wellness. Before submitting your product, please check that your product or service fits within my 5Core.



Email Me.

  • With your product, service, or brand story. I want to hear your passion, your why, and what problem you’re solving.

  • Send me your pitch deck or powerpoint presentation (if you have one) so I can learn more about your product or service.


After receiving your email, I will review your information within 2 weeks. If we believe it is a good fit for our audience, we will email you with a request for samples. I apologize that I am not able to individually respond to every email.



If I approve your product, there are many opportunities for partnership. Some opportunities are free and some are at cost.


  • exposure across our social media channels

  • affiliate support

  • promotional video support

  • promotional article support

  • vendor support: I’ll help you bring your product to multichannel retailers

For additional information on my extended services, visit my boutique retail product consultancy and client service hub for Life Assembled

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